September Newsletter

Happy September! Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer.  In no time at all, we will have to all be bundled in our sweaters by the heater.  How funny is that?  Do you ever think about what is the perfect temperature for our bodies? Will we ever just be “comfortable”?

Which leads me into the next topic of comfortability.  Do you have something that you are uncomfortable with?  An ache or pain that keeps on nagging? Numbness from lack of circulation?  What about having to entertain or socialize?  I love to be social, it is one of my favorite things to do, but sometimes, I need a chance to just detach and relax. I make time for a good facial to clear out impurities in my skin, followed by a gentle, yet firm pressure massage.  My neck is no longer stiff, I am sleeping better, my feet feel fantastic,  I am able to relax and rejuvenate myself so I may continue on this great journey of life.  Making everything a little bit more comfortable.

Let us help you make time for yourself.  We can help you feel amazing.

We are always available for a tailored fit massage or treatment plan   30m/$39 or 60m/$59 full sessions. $15 extra for Deep Tissue and  Facials start at $49*

*Freedom Plaza and Colonnade Studio Only