March is here! How about this beautiful weather? I feel so blessed
to be able to wear short sleeve shirts and shorts and enjoy the sunshine this
state gives us. Remind me of this statement when July comes around.
Among many, March is National Sleep Awareness Month. One of the top
10 benefits of massage therapy is; Improves sleep – The relaxation benefit
of massage extends well beyond the massage table. According to research
gathered by the American Massage Therapy Association and endorsed by
the National Institutes of Health, massage therapy can be a terrific solution
for addressing insomnia.

It makes sense; massage has been
shown to reduce problems with
fatigue and improve sleep quality
for people in all age brackets. It
can also bring relief to people
with cronic condions or who are
living with chronic pain. Those
who suffer from restless leg,
which may be contributing to
their insomnia, can definitely
benefit from massage.

massage improves the mood
grumpyness from not getting
enough sleep.
Best of all, massage therapy is a
low-risk approach to treating
insomnia disorders. It can’t hurt
to give it a try.