Our Story

A Passion for Maintaining a Strong Mind and Body Balance


About Arizona Massage & Healing, LLC

Niccol Walsh LMT, MMP, the owner of Arizona Massage & Healing, LLC, would like to personally thank you for choosing Arizona Massage & Healing. We would like to take some time to share her story and how we got to where we are today.

She obtained her Health and Life Insurance License in the state of Arizona in 2005. It was then that she began her career in the world of insurance. This was one of the first stepping stones in helping people with their health benefits. It was soon that she realized that people struggled with their health, and trying to obtain health insurance with medical conditions was frustrating and expensive. She wanted an alternative to their well being.

She continued her education through the years at Paradise Valley Community College trying to find the piece of the puzzle that was missing in her career spirit. Throughout this journey she always had an instinctual draw towards massage and the power of touch. She would massage her friends and family and the results of her touch were astonishing. Not only did they feel better, but she did too.

Her passion lies with helping the senior and elderly community in maintaining a strong mind and body balance. This is another reason she decided to pursue the healing art of massage therapy. The results that clients feel from having a massage makes them feel young, energetic, more mobile and less fatigued.

Her best friend’s Dad, Duke, who was a father figure to her, was suffering from neuropathy and was also very ill, asked her if she would come over and massage him. He told her it was the only thing that made him feel better, she had magic hands and she should consider pursuing massage with the Senior Community. She was quickly inspired to do just that.

With no time to lose, and with overwhelming support of her friends and family, she enrolled in the massage therapy program at Arizona School of Massage Therapy. After the first day she knew it was the perfect fit for her. She will never forget the first time that she massaged her Aunt Joyce who was in her late 70’s. The prior year she had suffered a couple of crushed vertebra due to osteoporosis and Niccol was going to introduce massage into her healing process. Their first couple of sessions only lasted about 40 minutes, but when they were done, Aunt Joyce was amazed at the way she felt. She had a skip in her step. She even told Niccol how ebergized she felt and proceeded to do a heel click. Niccol shook her head in amazement. Natural ways of helping the body heal and feel better, was working.

This is when Niccol decided to start her own company, and Arizona Massage & Healing, LLC was established. Niccol became dedicated to the senior community and putting the spring back into their step.