Massage Therapist


About Ricky

My name is Jesus Avalos I come from a small town called Grandview in Washington state. I decided to venture out to Arizona to start something new. After a couple months I decided to try and find a way to help my mother, who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I chose to attend Cortiva Institute to start my career path.  While attending my classes, I fell in love with the art of massage and the benefits it comes with. A few of the modalities that I felt to pursue are: Cranial Sacral Therapy; Sports Massage; Hydrotherapy; Russian Massage; Reflexology; Structural Body Work; Swedish Massage. These modalities are designed to help the body relax from the abuse we attain from daily activities. Every modality brings different stimulation which can cause the body to go beyond relaxation.

I understand there are many other therapists in the area, but by choosing my practice I can offer more than just a massage. I want people to be more aware of their own bodies and understand what needs to be do